We hope this WebSite provides you with valuable information about our company and services.
Mil-Hut Packaging Company specializes in commercial, industrial and military packaging, kit building and assembling, warehousing, distribution and shipping worldwide for our customers.  Whether the part is small or large, our partners rely and trust that we assemble, pack and ship their parts to them or directly to their customers whether next door or across town or overseas.  We also build, assemble kits and pack for the United States or foreign military shipments, meeting applicable commercial and military bar codes and the new RFID and UID requirements.
In addition to our military standard packaging and shipping expertise, we also assist our commercial and industrial partners in building kits, parts assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution or shipping to their designated delivery locations.
Please Contact us to see how we can assist your organization with its commercial, industrial or military packaging or kit building or part assembling, warehousing, distribution or worldwide shipping needs.